Thursday, 6 February 2014

The New Year Project: Resolutions 2014

1. What are your resolutions this year? 

The year is off to quite a start. A month has already past and I find myself facing a completely different future to the one I had been holding on to for a very long time. But it is never too late to turn over a new leaf. J

So, my resolutions for this year are to - :

1.       Figure out what brings me joy, and to experience life in new and exciting ways. I want to focus on moving forward and letting go of my past, but also, start appreciating all the lessons that I have learnt.

2.      Take care of myself. Be healthy, meditate, exercise and appreciate every aspect of my physical being.

3.      Find a church that I can get involved with.

4.      Write. As much as I can, about everything imaginable. This includes committing to keeping my blog up-to-date and putting it out there, for more people to see.

5.      Do something I love and find interesting, whether it be studying a short course, or finding some form of work. 

Please feel free to comment below. 
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