Monday, 17 February 2014

The New Year Project: Life's little treasures

Write in a stream of consciousness about the things that make you happy. Only write about things/sensations/experiences.
 Day 9 of Toni's New Year Project

Laughing with my friends. A warm foamy bubble bath after a long day. Sitting in the sun. Talking about boys with my closest girls. Great big bear hugs. Playing with little kids. Blowing bubbles. Beautiful flowers. Cheesecake. Having deep meaningful conversations late into the night. Watching the waves crashing against the shore. Bright blue skies. Watching the sunset bright orange colours. The glow of candles. Watching a good movie – one that makes me laugh and cry. Reading a beautiful novel. Writing in my journal. Hugging my little pillow tight before I fall asleep. A gentle breeze. Ice cream. Laying outside under the moon and stars. The smell of the sea. Phone calls. Blogging. Cuddling. Learning new interesting and arbitrary things. Nature in all its forms. Getting all dressed up for a night out. Putting on makeup. Dancing the night away. Going on an adventure. Having a picnic. Genuine compliments from strangers and friends. Heart racing moments. Being in love. Hearing my favourite songs on the radio. Discovering new tunes. Singing at the top of my lungs. Making other people happy. Finding a new crush. Spending time shopping with my mother. Bonding moments with my sisters. Being missed. Trying to be all crafty. Making pretty things. Giving gifts to friends and seeing their excitement when opening them up. Goodnight messages. Cold showers on a hot day. Looking back at old photos. Taking photos. Making someone feel special. Laughing 'til my tummy hurts. 


What makes you feel happy?

Please feel free to comment below. 
Check out the page, The New Year Project, above for the complete list. 

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