Friday, 14 February 2014

In the quiet moments

Because in the quiet moments, 
when I’m not trying to figure it all out,
my heart still whispers his name.
and I feel those butterflies, that I've been trying so desperately
to chase away, appear once again.

He keeps finding his way back in to my heart.
I’ve let him get under my skin,
He knows my most secret thoughts –
the intimate workings of my mind.

Just when I was starting to accept that which we are not, 
those words slipped out: - 
Once upon a time, 
He was in love with me.

Oh fate, thou art a cruel, heartless bitch sometimes…

All those sleepless nights, he was right there
A short walk down the road.
Trapped within his own confines.
Me, too blind to see him as he stood right before me
All guards up. Too afraid. Too vulnerable.
His heart never giving mine a chance to realise that it might love him too.
Instead, he kept his love a secret. 
Hidden from me.

Running circles around one another,
Fooling ourselves
Fooling each other.

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