Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The New Year Project: Finding inner peace

How do you find your inner peace? 
Day 7 of Toni's New Year Project

"It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hardwork. 
It means to be in the midst of those things and still 
be calm in your heart. " - unknown

I love mediation, although I must admit that I don’t do it nearly enough. When things used to get too hectic back on campus, I used to go for a walk on the fields. There was a beautiful backdrop of mountains in the far distance. 

faaaaar away in the distance :)
I’d lie on the grass and look up at the sky. I’d look for the birds flying together in their formations. It always fascinates me. So beautifully majestic, flying together in unison and instinctively knowing in which direction to go.

Then I’d close my eyes and drown out my thoughts. Letting all my worries and stress melt away; focusing only on the gentle breeze against my skin and the sound of the world around me. I transport myself to a world far away. Anywhere my imagination dared to take me.

My favourite destination is the beach on a perfect day. I love watching the waves crashing in front of me. I can almost imagine it's sound and smell the salty sea. A few minutes like this could feel like a life time of freedom.


Slowly in. Slowly out.
Inhale the fresh clean air deep in to your lungs.
Feel it reviving every cell within your being.
Come alive.

Exhale all the negative thoughts floating aimlessly in your mind.
They are unwelcome here -
Banish them.
Free your spirit.
Lose yourself in the quietness that surrounds you. 


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