Thursday, 20 February 2014

The New Year Project: Let yourself simply be

When was the last time you stopped, soaked in your surroundings and let yourself simply be?
Day 12 of Toni's New Year Project

The other night it occurred to me that it had been quite a while since the last time I gazed up and took note of the stars shining brightly up above. It was a warm summer’s night with a cool gentle breeze. So, I decided to lie on the ground for a little while. All this time I had been missing this fantastic view; too wrapped up in my own mind. It was lovely to just lie there and breathe in the fresh air that was tainted with the smell of the ocean.

When everything is doubtful and weary around me,
I wish to think back to this moment;
The true magnificence of the night’s sky above me.

I wish that I could capture this beauty.
I’d keep it with me always.
The stars take my breath away.
The longer I stare, the clearer and more visible they become.

The red moon stands low above the sea, slowly rising.
Such beauty is inexpressible.

In this moment,
Time stands still and my troubles fade away.
This vast universe makes it all disappear.


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