Thursday, 24 April 2014


Things get crazy and i feel I’m losing my mind
I don’t know what to do
I’m going insane and I really don’t know why
There’s only one thing to do
I’m floating through the night on a red eye

I can’t understand, I don’t understand it
The visions in my head
I just can’t make sense of it

I can never run 
There’s no use for it baby

Red Eye - Haim ft Kid Cudi

I wish that i had someone to really talk to. not just the shallow "how are you" but a sharing of deep meaningful words that span across our hears and bridge our souls together.
I’m not looking for love. love is too complicated. i simply want to lay my words out bare, vulnerable, and not care what you think of me or my world. 
i just want you to hear me. no more pretending. no more illusions that i am ok.
Because, the truth is, even though nothing appears out of order, my world has come unhinged.  and i need you to help me balance it again.

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