Friday, 11 April 2014

Obsessions: Reasons I love Mindy

"When people call me either a girl crush or their best friend, like, the best friend they want, that’s, to me, the best compliment anyone could ever give me." 

Mindy Kaling
Reasons I love MINDY

She's a strong leading character. An intelligent and successful woman filled with ambition.

She is really easy to relate to

She dates different kinds of guys from stockbrokers, architects, lawyers, a pastor and even tried going out with a forever-young- at-heart skateboarder. No judgement here!

She isn't easily intimidated by anyone or anything. She will always rise up to the challenge.

She cares about her friends and is always willing to help out when needed. You can always count on her.

She knows that sometimes she can be a hot mess, but doesn't let that define her. But she still tries to be better. She admits to her weaknesses and her faults.

She is enthusiastic about life. It really doesn't take much to get her excited about something.

She is confident. She knows who she is and all that she is capable of.  

She is excruciatingly honest.

She remains hopeful and tries to see all things positively.

"my own role model" ❤ The Mindy Project
She boldly takes risks. She went all the way to Haiti for love to try and make things work out.

She is always up for having a good time every now and again but still prefers quiet nights in.

She is a hopeless romantic. Even after all that she's been through with men, she's never given up on love. 

She’s all about big gestures.  My favourite one is when she cut her hair for Casey.  

She has a flair for the drama. I love the way she narrates her life randomly on the subway...

 She sees the best in everyone. The perfect example of this is: Pretty Woman.

She can be vulnerable and put her heart out on the line.

Danny Castellano was in love with her but she didn’t realise until he literally grabbed and kissed her. It was a truly beautiful TV moment...

The Mindy Project

Fact or fiction, I just can't get enough of this show!
Why do you love Mindy?

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