Thursday, 12 April 2012

So today was absolutely unproductive... 

I had a mini argument with my mother last night. It started off as a joke but ended up not being so funny after all. I was offended by something that she said about one of my guy friends and it was blown out of proportion. but long story short, i spoke to her in a not-so-nice manner and hurt her feelings. i need to try not to get so annoyed or irritated sometimes. My mother and i have a great relationship otherwise and thankfully everything is fine now. 

Other than receiving some cold shoulder treatment for most of the morning, i painted my nails... read a magazine... searched the web for some cool blogs to follow... and just lounged around...

I know that I should be more determined to achieve all the goals that I have set for myself but sometimes it feels as if I am lacking that driving force that just gets you up and going. Or maybe I’m not giving myself a chance? But I guess we’ll never know until I just stop thinking about it and DO IT!

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