Saturday, 14 April 2012

Beach beach beach!!

 Spent an amazing day at the beach today! My best friend and I decided to hijack my sisters plans with her friends and joined them for a day in the sun. It was really great to meet some of her crazy friends. They are such a mixed group of personalities and get along so well together. We chilled for most of the day with a cider or too just soaking up the rays J

 It was so cool to see the surfers out in the water and all the kids running around. People came to walk their dogs -stopping to talk to people they knew. It was an awesome atmosphere

Once it started getting abit chilly we went over to one of the girls’ house and hung out listening to music and enjoying some hubbly. Was a nice way to end of the day.

It was also so amazing to see my best friend again after such a long time! Last time I saw her was on New Year’s! <3

Hope that all of you have been having a good weekend xxx

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