Friday, 13 June 2014

Letter to my love #1

Sometimes I think that my life would be so much easier if you were here with me.

I dream of you holding me while I cry myself to sleep at night. When I feel lost and afraid, I'll know that with your arms wrapped around me, I'll be safe. Your comforting sounds will ease away the heartache.

I know you can't save me, I don't want that of you. I just need to know that you are real, and within my reach. I want to be sure that you see my light, even in my darkest moments; and that you see my worst, but choose stay, over and over again.

I will give you my heart, and I'll take care of yours. I promise to love you unconditionally. And when you feel as though life keeps pulling you down, I'll be right by your side, a pillar to hold on to. You'll never be alone. Trust me.

I want to talk to you so desperately, at this very moment. But I will try to be patient.

I love you.

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