Friday, 6 June 2014

I'm terrified of life leaving me behind

I miss my heater,
Warming my tiny little room, miles from here. 
There I was alone with my thoughts -
Solitude was my confidant.
Snuggled in my bed, listening to the rain fall.
I had an idea of where my life was headed;
With some sense of a future. 

Now all that is gone. 

But this is not all bad.
There is family here - 
Love and support. 
I just wish that my mind wasn't so muddled. 

I wish that I was more grateful. 

I just hate that I feel as though
I am going nowhere slowly.
Time is running out. 
I have unknown deadlines -
Because I know I can't sit idly forever. 

Life must go on. 
And it will –
With or without me. 
And I’m terrified of being left behind.


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