Saturday, 25 August 2012

Our Annual House Dance

View from the dance floor
Last night was amazing! There were were a few hitches in the beginning, like the water on campus being shut off!! But it was sorted out promptly and everyone could continue their grooming as planned... I tried to curl my hair, but it didn't stay for very long, so I had it straight down. I wore a long, simple black dress and peep-toe shoes, with silver accessories, and completed my outfit with a black mask. 

I enjoyed the night with friends and the conversation around our table was nice and light. The food was great but the wine was absolutely terrible... It went straight to my head! But the effects didn't last too long, fortunately enough!

The venue looked absolutely beautiful - all our hard work and long hours really paid off! The theme was Midsummer Night's Masquerade and everyone turned up in beautiful evening gowns and suits, accompanied by mysterious masks of every style, shape and colour. It looked fantastic!

Candles lining the entrance to the venue

A few cocktail drinks with little kisses :)
The seating arrangements



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