Friday, 24 August 2012

Before all the glitz and glamour... comes all the hard work!

My residence is holding our annual grand House Dance on Friday! :D It is basically just a formal banquet where we all get a chance to take a break from our studies, get all dressed up and celebrate the past year. Our theme this year is Midsummer Night’s Masquerade and it is a requisite to wear a masquerade mask.

This year I'm on the dance planning committee, so I have been doing a little running around selling tickets and helping with what I can. Last night we went to set up the decor and it took all night to get done! We were at the venue from 4pm and I only got back to campus past midnight! It was a reaaaaly long and busy night but was totally worth it. The place looks really amazing.

Now, I have a couple of late lectures and then I have to rush to get my hair and everything done.... It's always such a mission but I think the best part of these dances is the time before the actual event, the planning, getting all dressed up and doing your hair and nails. Yay! It's going to be a great night. :)

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