Thursday, 14 June 2012

Post - Exam Update

The past couple of weeks have been filled with many ups and downs.... it feels like a lifetime has passed in a mere two months. But I guess that's how it usually feels around exam time.

I wish that this wasn’t the case though. I wish that I could report back that I found these exams wonderfully challenging. That I was completely prepared and that I used all my time wisely. But sadly, this isn’t the way things ended up. Once again it felt like a struggle to get through. And even so, I’m still left with some doubts in my mind. I pray with all my heart that I can make it through this semester. But I am disappointed in myself. I know that I did not do all the things that I promised myself. I didn’t give it my best shot. 

I have tried to sort out what my (mental) block has been this year. I have even tried putting it aside to focus on what is important to me. But sometimes it still feels too big to move passed and it is almost as if I’m just watching time pass by.

However, I have the next 2 weeks off on an OFFICIAL holiday to try and figure everything out. This time, I have nothing hanging over my head. So, I can just breathe. Guilt free. 

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