Tuesday, 21 January 2014

In my dreams you come alive...

Every night I go to sleep,
Thinking of all the things that we could never be.

I crave you in every way.
In my dreams you come alive, it almost feels too real.
I wish that every touch, every embrace and every kiss could last forever.

But then the sun rises and my alarm clock rings.
I wake with a sense of loss.
I am no longer in your arms.
You are so far away.

Dreaming of you only frustrates me.
It just leaves me feeling lonely and mad at the same time.
I am stuck reliving our last moment together.

I can’t won't do this anymore,
I know that we can never be together.
So, I need to let you go.
In a way we both knew that this has been doomed right from the start.

I need to figure out a way to keep our friendship unscathed.
I need to stop myself from falling in love with you.
I need to stop wanting you so completely.

I need to get these ideas out of my mind.
And I need to extinguish all hope in my mind of us ever being together.

Otherwise, I will never move on.

All this time I have been fooling myself into thinking that what we have could ever be real.

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