Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Just friends??

Do you think that it is possible to JUST be friends with someone of the opposite sex? Without any strings attached or without either one of you developing feelings for each other somewhere down the line?

I have a theory that its not really all that possible. I think this because I believe that when you share personal information about yourself and your about your feelings with someone else, its like you are giving them a little piece of yourself. In a way, you allow yourself to become emotionally vulnerable and a little insecure. These are both possible places from where feelings can start to develop. You grow to love someone for all their insecurities, flaws and weaknesses. You find a special and rare beauty in them. You see them on both their best and worst days. And you may even help them through various difficult situations. They will feel that they can always depend on you to be there when needed.

I've seen quite a few friendships end up in relationships like this, and although I think that it's amazing if you can find that kind of love, I also think that once you go there, you can never go back to the way things once were. And it will take even more work to be friends again if the relationship ends.

I would really love to have a really close guy friend like this. Someone that I can just be myself around. Someone that I can talk to about all my silly boy problems and that can give me advice. Someone that won't judge me for being insecure sometimes and won't be afraid to be brutally honest with me when I need to be set straight, because he genuinely cares about me.

I want to be loved in a way that will never turn sexual or into anything more than what it is - a true friendship.

I've never really had many casual guy friends. Mostly just acquaintances. But lately I have been making a few new friends. Maybe I should just give it time and see what happens. After all, if it's meant to be, it will be, right?

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