Sunday, 4 May 2014

"No, I will no longer love the people who poison me."

I have spent twenty years letting other people break my heart.
Not tonight. I am taking myself back. No, you cannot kiss me, I know you are only looking for a pair of lips to wash her out of your brainstem. No, you cannot hold me, I know you are only lonely because you refuse to ask out the boy of your dreams. No, I will not write you anymore lovesick poetry, it only makes you live forever. No, I won’t put your needs before mine any longer, you would never do the same for me. No, I will not be another footnote, another forgotten one, another shotglass broken on this floor. No, you cannot have me, not now, not today, not ever again.
I am going to finally be my own person. I refuse to be the shadow of another girl, the bed to keep you warm, the transitional object.
I reclaim myself. I am my own. And you cannot harm me.
— No, I will no longer love the people who poison me. /// r.i.d (viainkskinned)

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