Monday, 5 May 2014

5 Little Grins #2

This is my second time joining the link up from Warrior Queen by Raewyn

"Don't wait until you lose something before you start to appreciate it. Don't take for granted all that God has given to you."  - Ps. Paula White

 5 Little Grins

1.      On Tuesday I couldn’t fall asleep at all. Next thing I knew, my sister's alarm clock was ringing at 6 am for her to start getting ready for varsity. So I decided to get out of bed and make coffee for everyone while they got ready for their day. And then I made them lunch! Felt nice to do this for them.

2.      While busying myself in the kitchen, I noticed the sunrise over the distant ocean. It was truly breathtaking!

3.      Baked some really delicious Cinnamon rolls

4.      Had a long awaited night out with my bestie J* and a few of her friends. Started the night off with some Wine Tasting at a nice little wine bar and then went dancing at this club (that I semi-frequented back in my younger days…). Stayed over at her place and spent the next day just chilling and rewatching random Mindy Project episodes. Lazy days after nights out are just the best.

5.      Got in touch with *F again. Was good to talk to him after this month long hiatus.  Turns out that the break was good for me. Whatever reasons he had don't matter so much any more. I no longer need him to get through my issues and I think that those feelings I was fighting have fizzled out. But I also now realize that it is easier to accept that I love him (in that platonic-friendly-kinda-way). Our friendship simply is what it is and I don't want it to be complicated anymore.

6.      On Saturday I had a coffee date with J* and we went for a lovely walk along the beach and through the park. I appreciate this girl so much. She is one of my oldest friends and we have been through so much together.

7.      Now that I think about it, I actually spoke to quite a few of my friends this week. I am not the only one struggling to get on with this growing up thing. Being an adult is tough! But I guess we just have to trust the process and take it one day at a time. 

Clockwise: The sunrise; the park along the beach front;A beautiful day for a walk on the beach; Centre: Red Velvet cake with a Mocha :)

Hope you're having a great start to the week!
What made you happy this week?


  1. Sounds like a great week! The cinnamon roll sound really good :)
    Thanks for linking up with us again!

  2. OMGOSH growing up is SO tough! It's awesome to have good friends to help you through it - especially a great best friend! I'm glad you're clear-headed about your complicated friendship/relationship. When the clarity finally comes I'm always SUPER relieved. It's an amazing feeling!

    I can't believe that you were able to turn a night of insomnia into something so positive!!! I am NEVER that happy in the morning when I've been an insomniac. I'll have to work on making it something wonderful and maybe i'll get to see a beautiful sunrise, too.