Saturday, 8 March 2014

The wanderings of my mind

I believe that there is a child-like version of our selves’ that lives within each of our hearts. Some grow up sooner than others. Some reflect the children that we once were, or they reflect the child that we never got to be. It is different for everyone.

For me, there is this little girl that is hurt, afraid and angry. She longs to grow up, to have the life that she has always dreamt of. Yes, she is a dreamer too. I don’t know why she is angry, or how she has been hurt. I am still trying to understand her. It sounds a little weird writing all this, but I believe it to be true. I was made aware of her during a meeting with my mentor. She encouraged me to draw her. And I was surprised at the image I came up with. It wasn’t a work of art (believe me!) but the emotions came across strongly. My little girl had wild curly hair, and tears streaming down her face with clenched fists.

This secret, silent persona, affects various aspects of our lives. It could be the reason that we keep getting in our own way, or self-sabotage.  This persona knows something that we are yet to realise, or makes us aware of our fears. I find this fascinating. So, the best way to get past this is to figure out why your persona is the way that she/he is. And to deal with whatever problems come up. Sometimes, all it takes is reassurance, but sometimes there is a certain situation from your past that you may have to start dealing with.

Maybe true happiness can only be felt when all of these personas are at ease? This makes very little sense, and I don’t have all the answers, but it is something worth looking into. So I have started writing letters to that Little Girl that exists within me.  To remind myself to believe in the wisdom I have received, in various forms, which have just been lost in translation. 

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