Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The thing about reading...

The thing about reading is that there comes a moment, especially in a particularly riveting book, when you realise that the world you find yourself lost in, is not really yours, and neither is this magical new life.

Eventually the words will run out. And they will leave you alone with only your thoughts. You must return to your current reality. Your hiding place disappears suddenly and you have nowhere left to run.

You’ve just spent hours feeding your soul a different point of view and you’ve lost hours you will never regain.

It is a bitter sweet feeling. I find myself wrapped up in the hopes and dreams of an elusive protagonist with whom I can identify. To whom I can relate. But the beauty is that I now I can walk away with a new experience. It is the one chance that we get to actually be completely caught up in another person’s mind. We share their thoughts, ideas, feelings, insecurities. There is complete trust between the reader and the characters in the book. That for me is the best part about reading. 

I guess that this goes for all forms of written word, whether is be a novel, poetry, lyrics to a song, a journal or blog posts. I am grateful to all the writers out there that have shared their brilliant minds with me, in whatever form. 

Know that your words are truly appreciated.

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