Friday, 20 December 2013

"So don't be afraid, you'll love again"


In this world today
Love is scarce and far away
And your heart gets so afraid
To trust someone
All the times he let you down
There was no love to be found
Well it's not the end
There'll be time to mend
And you'll love again

Never, never let a broken heart
Take a chance for love away
Don't ever let it make you fall apart
Never, never ever let the pain
Take your need for love away
Never, no never

And I know it seems hard
Open up, let down your guard
But you owe it to your heart
Try again
Oh, comes a time
When we must change
What the past
Has thrown away
Don't take the blame
Don't be ashamed
Throw your fears away


Let go, don't be afraid
That you will never find
Another one you love again
I know, that you'll be sorry girl
Be strong, before it's too late
Because forever is too long
For you to live in pain
Just don't give up
Please open up
To love
To love
To love


So don't be afraid
You'll love again
No, you don't have to live in pain
It's never too late
You'll find a way
to love again
- Boyz II Men

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