Sunday, 22 December 2013

Letting things go

I keep thinking of constantly being surrounded by water.

I'm holding on to negative emotions, experiences, baggage, relationships, that just keep dragging me under. It’s almost as if I hold on to all these things in the hope that they will help me stay afloat and save me from drowning.

But these things don’t save me.
Instead they drag me under.
Deeper and deeper down.

But still, I hold on.
Because letting go of them just seems so much scarier. 
I'm afraid of drifting into the dark unknown depths…


While I was writing this, I started to realise a few things.

What if letting go allowed me to break free from all these things that I have chained myself to?
What if it releases you, and instead of sinking, you slowly start to float to the surface?

Finally, you can come up for air.
And suddenly see that you are a lot closer the land than you think.

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