Monday, 18 March 2013

My subconscious mind...

Last night I dreamt that I was a psychiatric doctor and I was in some sort of clinic, but my surroundings were very vague. I remember there being patients around me and nurses in the room. It was time for me to interview one of the patients and I remember thinking that I should get started.  But I also remember knowing that I should wait for the doctor in charge to come first. She was a woman with a short black bob hair cut with a thick fringe sitting at a desk. But instead of waiting for her, I decided to go into a room with the patient and start by myself because I felt relatively safe and didn't think that anything would happen. The patient was a seemingly quiet man maybe in his 30 or 40s. I remember knowing that he was already diagnosed with multiple personality disorder before we started the interview, but I had a sense that he was fine and that it was under control.

We are alone in this consultation room and we sit down and the interview has barely begun when this man suddenly disappears and it is almost as if his body silently splits into 7 different “spirits” that swoop around and all come towards me – like something out of the movies! I remember then falling to the floor and curling up into a foetal position and protecting my head. But they just swarmed above me. And then the doctor in charge came into the room and the figures disappeared and the man was sitting there as if nothing had happened while I was pulled out of the room and scolded for doing the interview alone.  

And that was when I woke up suddenly. And I had to try and figure out if what just happened was a real memory or whether it was just a dream. I did get a fright waking up, but I don’t remember being really scared or terrified. Very bazaar!  

I don’t think that it means anything terrifying, but after giving it some thought, I think the “spirits” simply represent all the feelings and emotions that I am trying to juggle and balance in my life at this point. And by me “going in to see the patient alone” it is as if I am trying to take on all these things by myself, without waiting for help from someone that actually can.

And throw in the fact that we are currently studying psychology in class and you have a truly crazy dream! It fascinates me the intricate ways in which our subconscious mind works to process thins we may be avoiding in real life…

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