Sunday, 17 March 2013

Life don't pass me by...

There are so many things, big and small, that I desperately want to change about my life. So many bad habits that I want to break and so much more that I want to do and be.

I want to be an intelligent and cultural person that has a great love and understanding for a variety of different things. I want to be well read and knowledgeable. Instead of going from day to day just living the way that have been for these past couple of months. With little to nothing new happening and following the same old routine. Day in and day out I keep settling for less than mediocre. 

I say all these things that I want to try out but I find so many excuses lurking in my mind. Reasons why things can’t be done. Or why I don’t feel up to doing it.

But life has so much to offer. I'm tired of sitting here and just letting life pass me by, and not appreciating the beauty and magic that surrounds me.

Lately I have been so much more aware of all the terrible things that happen in the world. All around us. And I’ve been trying to learn to live and deal with it. But now instead of just blocking all the bad stuff out, why not turn to all the beauty and see the miracles that each day brings?

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