Thursday, 21 March 2013

If Only....

Last night I met the perfect guy. 
But absolutely nothing happened. 
And I will probably never see him again.

So there really isn’t any story here. Except that he is perfect, and I can’t help wishing that something more had happened. “What if..?” keeps running through my mind.

See, we only spoke briefly before we were interrupted. Later he offered to help me with some random thing I was doing. (Sigh, it’s the small things that get me...) Even though our conversation lasted maybe 3 sec, I discovered that he is a high school economics teacher at this exclusive boys hostel somewhere inland.  He told me that he started studying in 2007, which would make him about 25 years old (if my calculations are correct... Obsessed much???!!) His reason for being on campus, at our little gathering, was because they were on holiday.  He came with a friend.

There was just something about him that was different to the guys that I see every day. Besides the fact that he is GORGEOUS, he’s also the kinda guy that stands on the side lines if he doesn't know too many people. But is confident and open enough to hold a conversation.(no matter how short..)

I was kicking myself, the whole night after I got back to my room, because I didn't take a chance and just talk to him more. I stuck with my friends the whole night. 

I know that nothing more would have come of it, but I kinda hate that I missed the opportunity - all because I was feeling a little awkward and insecure.

This seems to be a thing with me. I hesitate to go out and speak to people because I'm afraid I will be awkward and not have anything to say. It’s not that I am shy. I guess I just need to gain a little more confidence in myself. With regard to a whole spectrum of things, might I add... But first things first right? I need to embrace the curly haired girl that I am, and not be afraid to step out of my comfort zone from time to time, no matter the challenge! No holding back!

But for now I just need to let go of this one encounter and take it as a learning curve... Here's to something better in the future!  J

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