Sunday, 18 January 2015

Facing the unknown - again...

This year has not started off on a great note. It has barely registered that 2014 has ended. Everything has just been so dull for the past couple of months and I have just been trying to get through to the other side - wherever that may be. 

I'm still waiting to hear about my application status from the university. To say that they are dragging things would be an understatement! I really thought that I would have heard back by now. I've tried calling them but they haven't been able to offer me any useful information. I just need to know what is happening - one way or another! 

My anxiety levels have been rising for a while now. Being stuck like this again worries me, and I really wish that I had done more with last year to be better prepared for whatever is still to come.

But wishful thinking doesn't get you very far. I need to start actually making things happen for myself instead of waiting around. I just wouldn't know where to start if it all falls apart again – i.e. how to deal with another rejection... But I know that I can’t go down that dark path right now. 

As hard as it is, I must be patient and have more faith. I am not ready to throw in the chips just yet.

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