Monday, 28 January 2013

Hey, it's ok...! just need someone to hold you, with no questions asked.
... to stay in doors watching movies all day when its raining out
.... to wait for your knight in shinning armour to come and rescue you
... to want to be loved and to miss the feeling of being in love.
... to love being the centre of attention every now and then.
... to dance in heels until your feet hurt at a party, then take your shoes off and dance some more.
... to just lay in his arms and not do anything more.
... to get really emotional 
and start crying during a really touching movie  
... to miss your mother's home cooked meals and warm comforting hugs.
... to laugh out loud at the funny thought that just popped into your mind.
... to snooze the alarm clock just 5 more minutes every morning.
... to sing loudly at the top of your lungs as though no one can hear you.
... to skip gym every now and then just to sit and do nothing instead.
... to not feel bad when you just don't have feelings for someone that has a little crush on you.

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