Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Important Roles - And my goals as each

I wrote this a while ago, but just haven’t published until now. I went to see my mentor for our weekly meeting and we were speaking about the various roles that we all play in our lives. In order to fill each role the best we can, it is important that we have a set of goals for each of them. Things that we hope to achieve in those relationships or in those roles.

The roles that I play in my life include: sister, daughter, medical student, friend, and woman.

Family member

©      Grow a stronger relationship with my sisters and parents
©      Not step on anybody’s toes while I am at home
©      Communicate and speak/ chat regularly

Medical Student

©      Work diligently and be more disciplined
©      Achieve a full bursary
©      Be more confident
©      Attain adequate knowledge


©      Make new friends and build more relationships
©      Keep in touch with old friends
©      Appreciate close friends and make ways to spend time with them


©      Exercise regularly
©      Eat healthy, balanced meals
©      Discover something new about myself
©      Develop hobbies and interests
©      Be independent and confident

So far I haven't been able to keep up with these, but it's never too late to start right...

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